Welcome to GHANSW website

The Ghana Association of New South Wales [GHANSW] is a voluntary social entity that draws its membership from Ghanaians who are domiciled in NSW and who deem it expedient to come together for our common good and mutual benefit.

Founded in the late 1980s, GHANSW has come a long way chalking some successes and bracing up to its challenges. Its continued existence is a proof of its meaningfulness and acceptance within the Ghanaian community.

Based largely in the Sydney metropolis, the Association meets once a quarter to discuss matters of interest not only to its members but also to NSW, Australia, Ghana and Africa at large.

With social inclusion predominantly a goal, the Association organises many events including alfresco meal sharing at Ghana’s Independence and Republic celebrations and other notable occasions.

Looking into the future, the Association plans to swell its membership base and empower the youth especially to advance its cause among the up and coming lads.

Part of the objective of this website is for the Association to reach out to as many Ghanaians as possible domiciled in NSW who are yet to appreciate the real essence of belonging to GHANSW.

It is envisaged that the Association has provided the pertinent information about itself. However, members are encouraged to point out anything missing but is worthy of note at this website to the administrator.

Mission Statement: To promote, develop and protect the social well-being of members and their families and through our collective effort ensure peaceful co-existence with all other communities in NSW.

Vision: To strive and create a future full of hope and happiness and one that ensures respect, fair treatment and provides far-reaching voice for our members.

Values: We believe in and stand for:

  1. Full social inclusiveness and empowerment of our members and the hard work that removes any barriers to such
  2. Vibrant social life, fair go for all, community advancement and the cooperative effort to make this work
  3. Peaceful co-existence, meaningful interactions, good governance and pluralism
  4. Mutually beneficial partnerships and prudent actions of solidarity with other communities in NSW
  5. Provision of support to the less fortunate and the socially marginalised in NSW

Aims and Objectives: 

  1. To promote friendship, mutual understanding and co-operation between members of the Association and between the Association and Australia through the establishment of cultural and social relationships
  2. To assist new Ghanaian migrants and their families to fully integrate and participate meaningfully in the Australian society
  3. To promote youth programs including sports, entertainment and cultural activities
  4. To provide counseling services to adults and the youth within the Ghanaian community
  5. To assist in the event of a death of a member as specified at Section XVIII – Member Welfare – not from the Association’s coffers
  6. To assist members suffering from chronic debilitating or terminal illness through voluntary individual member financial and in kind contributions – not from the Association’s coffers
  7. The Association shall be non-political or non-religious in its operations
  8. Shall from time to time organise fundraising activities to support projects of the Association and the wider Australian community
  9. The assets and income of the Association shall be used to support its projects only and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to members except the reimbursement of approved expenses incurred on behalf of the Association
  10. Shall assist members that are unemployed by linking them to those that might know of job opportunities